[jdom-interest] More on XSL-FO files

Alan Boldock alan at boldenterprise.com.au
Sat Apr 15 06:24:29 PDT 2006

Thanks Jason & Mike your pointers are heading me in the correct direction. 

As I mentioned before I’m pretty green when it comes to XML and even more so
wit XSL. But here is a snippet of the XSL. 

<!--  Principal Diagnosis row 
- <fo:table-row>
	- <fo:table-cell xsl:use-attribute-sets="ItemHeading">
		  <fo:block>Principal Diagnosis:</fo:block> 
	- <fo:table-cell xsl:use-attribute-sets="ItemData">
	- <fo:block>
		  <xsl:value-of select="zSpRptSepSumZrSpSP/principalDiag" />


So if I use XSLT and match on "ItemHeading" as the beginning of a data block
and then capture the enclosed block 
<xsl:value-of select="zSpRptSepSumZrSpSP/principalDiag" />

Is that what I should be doing? Is this what XSLT/XSL can do for me? 

On a little aside what is "zSpRptSepSumZrSpSP/principalDiag" does this refer
to some in-memory data for filling out this XSL-FO file? Can I still refer
to this as I re-construct my XML. 

Sorry to be so scratch on these ideas, just throwing them around at the
moment. I haven't actually started writing anything yet until I have some
idea of which direction to heading. 

Thanks again for any help offered.

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