[jdom-interest] XSL-FO reverse engineer

mike at saxonica.com mike at saxonica.com
Sat Apr 15 05:30:19 PDT 2006

>Of course, depending on what your original stylesheet did the data may 
be lost.  For example if your stylesheet converted two source tags to 
one output tag, you're not going to be able to automatically 
disambiguate to reverse that action.  :)

>Usually tasks like this are dreamed up by management which doesn't 
understand that data conversion is often lossy.

I agree with those sentiments: on the other hand, there's often a lot you
can do to "screen-scrape" the formatted data, for example by recognizing
that a chapter always starts with text in 20pt Helvetica and so on. But
it's tedious work. Hence the need for a high-level pattern matching

Michael Kay

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