[jdom-interest] xmlns:="" (colon-equals-quote-quote) in xslt output

Mary Ellen Foster mefoster at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 07:36:34 PDT 2006

I have tried searching the mailing list archives, but it's really,
REALLY difficult to search for something where the symptoms are bad
punctuation marks. Argh. :(

Anyway, I've hit a problem where I'm running Xalan transformations on
JDOM documents, and the output contains thing like this:

<xml xmlns:="">

Yes, colon-equals-quote-quote. Of course, subsequent steps that need
to parse this are falling over, because that's invalid syntax.

Does anyone have any suggestions on why this might be happening and
how to make it stop? I do seem to recall running across a similar
issue previously, but I managed to work around it that time by not
using XSLT to create the final output for printing, but instead just
using an XMLOutputter; but this time, that's not an option,

Any suggestions?


Mary Ellen Foster

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