[jdom-interest] sorry people, it's me again

Jason Hunter jhunter at xquery.com
Thu Nov 25 12:15:12 PST 2004

You get a format like this:

Format f = Format.getPrettyFormat();


TC Tan wrote:

> hi guys, sorry tat i'm posing so many questions even before i can
> contribute to JDOM building.
> firstly, i'm really grateful for all the responds to my previous
> email. Thanx a lot!
> secondly, i have managed to solve all my initial problems with using
> jdom & netbeans, esp using the jdom.jar that's found in the zip file.
> now i have encountered a problem in compiling a small section of my codes.
> the original source code:
> XMLOutputter outputter = new XMLOutputter(" ",true);
> outputter.setIndent(true);
> now i have read through all the javadocs and realise that the above
> used version of the XMLOutputter is no longer available. I have also
> read on the class Format as well as the classes Object & String.
> However, i'm not sure as to whether i have to create an instance of
> class Object then use the given clone() method to create an instance
> of class Format so as to pass into the XMLOutputter constructor.
> Please advise. Sorry for the long-winded email.
> Special thanks to Todd, Daniel & Filippo.
> Tiong Chuan
> Software Engineering Student
> Singapore
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