[jdom-interest] sorry people, it's me again

TC Tan atantc at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 11:50:12 PST 2004

hi guys, sorry tat i'm posing so many questions even before i can
contribute to JDOM building.

firstly, i'm really grateful for all the responds to my previous
email. Thanx a lot!

secondly, i have managed to solve all my initial problems with using
jdom & netbeans, esp using the jdom.jar that's found in the zip file.

now i have encountered a problem in compiling a small section of my codes.

the original source code:

XMLOutputter outputter = new XMLOutputter(" ",true);

now i have read through all the javadocs and realise that the above
used version of the XMLOutputter is no longer available. I have also
read on the class Format as well as the classes Object & String.
However, i'm not sure as to whether i have to create an instance of
class Object then use the given clone() method to create an instance
of class Format so as to pass into the XMLOutputter constructor.

Please advise. Sorry for the long-winded email.
Special thanks to Todd, Daniel & Filippo.

Tiong Chuan
Software Engineering Student

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