[jdom-interest] following J2SE 5

Filippo Carone f.carone at fastwebnet.it
Fri Nov 26 02:02:20 PST 2004

 Here is a new patch for the jdom 1.0 stable tree, using
generics. While the previous focused on jdom internals, this one also
modifies the public interface. The most affected classes are the
Parent interface, the Document class and all the "extenders" of class
Content. ContentList and AttributeList are now "aware" about the fact
they contain Contents and Attributes respectively (so methods with
Object in the arguments or in the return have been removed).

 Since it's all about using J2SE 5.0 even some 'for' cycles have been
converted to the new form.

 I'd like to know if someone here has a set of JUnit tests ready for
JDom, since I haven't checked the changes I made.

 The patch is named patch-start-<date> for comprehensibility sake,
where start means jdom-1.0 stable tree.


 This is not an incremental patch, this patch has to be applied on the
jdom-1.0 stable "vanilla" tree. Anyway if you want the incremental
patch, just ask for it.
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