[jdom-interest] xpath

Michael Kastner kastner at galt.de
Thu Jan 3 05:52:09 PST 2002


on the jdom.org homepage it says "We're also starting work on the 1.1
branch, particularly in the area of XPath. XPath guru? User? Just curious?
Come check it out."

Does that mean that jdom will also provide an xpath api or does that mean
that existing apis like Jaxen will be tighter integrated?

The question I am asking this is because I would like convert some of my
properties files to xml files. I know that Java 1.4 will support
xml-properties files but for the time being 1.3 seems to be the version I am
stuck with.

Can anybody give me a hint, which xpath api I should take a look at?

Thanks in advance

Michael Kastner

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