[jdom-interest] virus alert/accident

Deepak Natarajan natarajan at mofile.com
Thu Jan 3 03:39:23 PST 2002


Actually, I did recieve many emails from an automated services, which i
think is running on the JDOM list server, that seemed to have recognized
that an infected email was sent. I don't know if it quarantined my email
attachment etc, but i would recommend an anti-virus service attached to your
email client that checks outgoing/ingoing emails.


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Thanks for the warning. This is not the first time that I get a virus
through these mail groups. Is there any way that this - and other -  mail
groups can scan mail before transmitting it?

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Subject: [jdom-interest] virus alert/accident

> JDOM list members,
> My machine was hit by a virus, and unfortunately it sent an email out to
> the addresses in my outlook address book - please delete any email from
> address (natarajan at mofile.com) with a .vbs attachment - it contains a
> My apologies - it wont happen again.
> thanks,
> -deepak
> p.s i dont know if you got an email from me with an attachment, just to be
> sure i'm emailing everyone. If you did, i recommend a virus scan. sorry
> the inconvenience again.
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