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MarkW markw at
Thu Jan 3 10:12:27 PST 2002

I use jaxen extensively and it does all i ask of it and some of the xpaths
i´ve used have been fairly complicated.
To my knowledge the translate() function from the W3C XPath recommendation
hasn´t yet been implemented.

Hope it helps,

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> Hello,
> on the homepage it says "We're also starting work on the 1.1
> branch, particularly in the area of XPath. XPath guru? User? Just curious?
> Come check it out."
> Does that mean that jdom will also provide an xpath api or does that mean
> that existing apis like Jaxen will be tighter integrated?
> The question I am asking this is because I would like convert some of my
> properties files to xml files. I know that Java 1.4 will support
> xml-properties files but for the time being 1.3 seems to be the
> version I am
> stuck with.
> Can anybody give me a hint, which xpath api I should take a look at?
> Thanks in advance
> Michael Kastner
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