[jdom-interest] JDOM 1.x release schedule

Olivier Jaquemet olivier.jaquemet at jalios.com
Wed Jan 25 06:57:44 PST 2012

Hi Rolf,

This process sounds good to me.
It does provide a valid and official build for people needing quick fixes.
But other users looking for a more "long term support" release are thus 
not required to update too often.


On 25/01/2012 15:42, Rolf Lear wrote:
> Hi All.
> Given the bug fix pending in the JDOM 1.1.x stream I believe a new release
> of the JDOM 1.1.x is required.
> On the other hand I do not want to be releasing 1.1.x versions for every
> issue that arises.
> I think a compromise schedule is viable, and it goes something like this:
> 1. build the current JDOM 1.x stream with the current bug fix in it and
> post it on the github download page. Call it
> JDOM.1.1.x.hotfix.2012.01.25.zip
> 2. if any additional bug fixes are needed another hotfix package will be
> built.
> 3. at some fixed point in time we schedule a formal 1.1.3 release that
> contains all the fixes.
> 4. if any bug comes up that is considered to be 'critical' an
> earlier-than-schedule release could be made.
> In this case, I think 1st March 2012 is a good candidate date... 5 weeks
> from now.
> Later today I will build the current JDOM 1.x code base as
> JDOM.1.1.x.hotfix.2012.01.25 and I will post it to github.
> If any other issues arise I will create hotfix updates to address them.
> On March 1st I will rebuild the JDOM code again as 1.1.3 and do the formal
> release process to www.jdom.org as well as maven-central.
> Does this sound like a viable process?
> Rolf
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