[jdom-interest] Introduction. JDOM for Java5?

Jason Winnebeck gillius-ml at gillius.org
Wed Jan 25 12:29:26 PST 2006

JDOM requires I believe JRE 1.3 to run.  I'm actually forced to use JDOM 
in a 1.3 environment because I am using JDOM in a J2ME environment.  The 
1.5 version has been discussed before and I think the general consensus 
seemed to be that the developers did not want to maintain two separate 
versions of the API for JDOM.

Although if JDOM requires greater than 1.3 I would have to drop it, I do 
use 1.5 on desktop apps and I wish there was a way to support both since 
I am a major proponent for the new 1.5 features.

Jason Winnebeck

Matthias Basler wrote:

> Even in case there havn't been any relevant changes since, would it simply be
> possible to release a 1.0.1 in both a Java1.4 and Java5 version?

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