[jdom-interest] Introduction. JDOM for Java5?

Matthias Basler Matthias.Basler at uni-jena.de
Wed Jan 25 12:17:59 PST 2006

Hi JDOM developers.

My name is Matthias Basler. I am a german geographer (currently without a job)
and I have a strong interest in programming with Java (Eclipse), especially in
the area of GIS and image processing. I am loosely involved in the GeoTools and
uDig Open Source projects.
Since I felt I had the need for some lessions in Web-related APIs I have just
recently reviewed XML Parsers and Writers like Sax, Stax, Dom, JDOM. (Trying
out GTXML is still on my todo list.) I read the chapters from "Processing XML
with Java" and I must say that I like the JDOM API. It really feels intuitive -
which I find very important.
That's my context.
Now my first question. (I will post the second one into a separate thread.)

I have not yet downloaded the current source code, but I would like to know if
it is planned to release a Java5 version of the API in order to support type
safe collections. Not that I have big problems, but it would give the API the
final "touch" when used in a Java5 environment. As an example the function
"Element:public List getChildren()" would be a good candidate.

What's the status of the work anyway? The last release (1.0) is over a year ago.

Even in case there havn't been any relevant changes since, would it simply be
possible to release a 1.0.1 in both a Java1.4 and Java5 version?

Matthias Basler
c9bama at uni-jena.de

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