[jdom-interest] does jdom perform well ?

Jason Winnebeck gillius at gillius.org
Tue Feb 1 07:51:10 PST 2005

One note, we actually use aelfred2 (the GNU JAXP version) instead of the 
original Microstar aelfred.

While looking for aelfred2 I also came across piccolo, which I have not used 
but according to the benchmark, it is the fastest in a server environment. 
What I found very interesting is that according to the piccolo benchmarks, 
Xerces is faster than aelfred in most cases.  Of course his environment is 
different -- aelfred definitely takes less disk space and less memory, and I 
believe another difference is in class loading time, which he does not 
mention (he runs the tests for 5 sec to make the JIT compile it first).  Our 
environment is an embedded one and we are only parsing 2 XML files on 
startup so disk size and class loading time is an issue not measured on the 


What Tatu says is very relevant though, using JDOM versus SAX directly is 
much slower (3 to 6x is a number I would also agree with).  We use JDOM on 
the embedded system because DOM is a million times better to work with than 
SAX for our documents and is only done on startup.  Were I to parse XML at 
run-time or continuously I would use SAX parsing.

I was unable to find the exact version of aelfred we were using -- it looks 
like new versions have come out and it's merged with GNU classpath.  This is 
the best I could find:


biglaughing wrote:
> hi ,Jason Winnnebeck
> I am so intresting in the aelfred parser. So would you please give me 
> some introduction or a URL..
> deeply thanks .
> god bless you !
> your, biglaughing

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