[jdom-interest] does jdom perform well ?

Jason Winnebeck gillius at gillius.org
Tue Feb 1 05:21:13 PST 2005

Philipp Gröschler wrote:
> Having said this, my personal experience during the development process 
> of JDOM was, that many parts of a program which include XML processing 
> code, aren't really fast. And I think that's it what most 
> implementations have in common. I also realized, that much of the 
> performance issues could be solved by replacing the parser or 
> transformer through testing which one behaves best. It mostly depends on 
> what you're doing with your XML. There are many packages out there, 
> which were designed for a special purpose and high performance.

We use JDOM in an embedded environment.  JDOM and XML parsing in general is 
not super-speedy, but we have found that using the aelfred parser is faster 
than using Xerces (or at least uses less memory/disk).  When we run in the 
embedded environment we use aelfred, which does not support schema checking, 
and when we run the desktop version we use Xerces, which is fully featured 
and allows schema checking.


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