[jdom-interest] Ignoring DTD with no base URI

Oliver Koell listen at quimby.de
Sat Oct 23 05:50:47 PDT 2004

Hi Vjeran,

supply an absolute System ID for the document you're parsing (can even 
be a fake one). This should solve your problem.

Cheers, Oliver

> Hi everybody.
> I'm using JDOM1.0, and I read FAQ about ignoring DTD by registering my
> NoOpEntityResolver, but problem that XMLs that I'm working with have :
> <!DOCTYPE BXML SYSTEM "dtd/something.1.0.dtd">
> and my XML parser raises exception even before calling my no-op entity
> resolver :
> Error on line 2: Relative URI "dtd/something.1.0.dtd"; can not be 
> resolved
> without a base URI.
> XML are loaded from network stream, sent by third-party application, 
> thus I
> cannot effect it. I just need some way of completely ignoring this 
> DTD. Is
> this possible, or XML with DTD reference defined as above is not valid
> (without complete URL scheme), thus no parser will allow it ?
> Regards,
> Vjeran

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