[jdom-interest] Ignoring DTD with no base URI

Vjeran Marcinko vjeran at tis.hr
Sat Oct 23 05:16:30 PDT 2004

Hi everybody.

I'm using JDOM1.0, and I read FAQ about ignoring DTD by registering my
NoOpEntityResolver, but problem that XMLs that I'm working with have :
<!DOCTYPE BXML SYSTEM "dtd/something.1.0.dtd">
and my XML parser raises exception even before calling my no-op entity
resolver :
Error on line 2: Relative URI "dtd/something.1.0.dtd"; can not be resolved
without a base URI.

XML are loaded from network stream, sent by third-party application, thus I
cannot effect it. I just need some way of completely ignoring this DTD. Is
this possible, or XML with DTD reference defined as above is not valid
(without complete URL scheme), thus no parser will allow it ?


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