[jdom-interest] Web Services

Philipp Gröschler philipp.groeschler at kamp-dsl.de
Thu Mar 25 05:13:35 PST 2004

> What can you share?  I'm sure people would be interested in
> what tools you use and where they're used;

We're using JDOM, Xalan, Xerces and some stuff from the J2EE package.

> whether the tools had the functionality necessary to make it work;

I bought Brett McLaughlin's "Java&XML" some time ago and worked my way
trough it. After we had the idea with our own 'special' web server, I
tested a few different methods (mainly DOM and JAXP) and got stuck with
JDOM. It's perfect for the job, easy to use and very fast. The one and
only problem we had until now was solved with a posting to this list and
a three page answer from Jason. Another reason for staying with JDOM ;-)

> what sort of performance characteristics you may
> have discovered;

At the current point of development, the code has no further
optimizations. No special hints, no file caching. Nevertheless, it works
2-3 times faster than comparable PHP Skripts, which do the same actions
as our test documents. The main part of the time is consumed by the XSL

> what architecture you used and where did the XML play its
> parts; etc.

XML ist used nearly everywhere in the product, mainly in configuration
and as the 'essence', our document format.

I do not want to make further explanations at this point, because in
some time we want to earn a bit money with that thing, but you might get
the idea how it works ;-)

Greetings .... Philipp

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