[jdom-interest] Web Services

Mike mikeb at mitre.org
Wed Mar 10 09:31:45 PST 2004

Remember that SOAP is just one way to approach Web Services, 
and REST is another way (often better in cost, performance, 
speed of development, speed of execution, and simplicity)!

We have built approximately 200 REST web services which use 
JDOM 0.9 as the parser. (I don't think we use the parent,
so when we get around to testing 0.10, we might not get 
too badly burned by the new CLASS CASTING that will be required,
but the time waste will not be significant, since they are all
in a single CVS tree, so its just a matter of following 
the compile errors and putting in the logically redundant

About half of our web services use JDOM as the full 
infrastructure (in other words they don't just create
the hashmap of hashmaps of hashmaps, but they also
GENERATE the xml using JDOM instead of manually
generating XML files with "write" statements). As
software maintenance occurs many of the manually
generated XML files may be generated by JDOM.

Our web services have been tested on Microsoft DOT
NET machines, Sun Solaris Machines, Linux Machines,
using web app servers: BEA Web Logic, Orion Oc4J, 
and, of course, Tomcat. Some of them have been tested 
with ORACLE PORTAL, and if IBM gives me a free
evaluation license, they will be tested on MQ Series also.

Eric MacAdie wrote:
> Has anybody used JDOM for web services? Most tutorials use JAXP or
> Xerces, which I think are a lot harder to use.
> Right now I am more interested in consuming/subscribing to web services
> than in providing one.
> EKMacAdie

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