[jdom-interest] escape characters within a element text

River river at verat.net
Tue Sep 30 17:32:38 PDT 2003

You can try to wrap it up inside CDATA sections, ex:

  <description><![CDATA[height of jack is < 6 feet]]></description>

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	if i have a string which is a xml, but contains invalid
characters within the elements text, how can i create a xml document out
of it. 
	If the string is as below

		<name>jack </name>
		<description> height of jack is < 6 feet </description>

	here the description text contains the character '<', so if we
try to create a dom document using the SAXBuilder it gives an exception.
Is there a way in JDOM to say replace those characters with the required
escape characters?

	before creating the dom document?


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