[jdom-interest] getChildren() usage

Eugene Fabrikant EFabrikant at hertz.com
Tue Sep 30 11:14:25 PDT 2003

This is a request for a sanity check:

I'm attempting to use the getChildren() method in the Element class.  Upon
debugging I see that the Element is properly populated with correctly
parsed XML elements.  When I call the method, the list returned is
consistently empty, regardless of the XML file I use.  All documentation
that I found says that I should be able to use this method and expect a
corresponding List of first level children.

Finally I looked in the source code and found this note in the inner class

            // Implementation Note: Directly after size() is called,
            //       is sync'd with ContentList.modCount and count provides
            //       the true size of this view.  Before the first call to
            //       size() or if the backing list is modified outside this
            //       FilterList, both might contain bogus values and should
            //       not be used without first calling size();

This does in fact correctly update the count in the FilterList
representation of the ContentList.  It is hard to believe that I have to
call the size() method after every getChildren() method call.  Is that in
fact the case, or am I just completely missing some step?  I did not find
any examples that mentioned this awkward usage.  If I'm not missing
anything how do I go about contributing a change to this, or even
suggesting one?

Thank You,

Eugene Fabrikant
Java Developer
(201) 307-2739
efabrikant at hertz.com

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