[jdom-interest] Is JDOM dying?

Rob Mitchell rjmitchell at attbi.com
Wed Mar 12 13:25:31 PST 2003

I hope not -- I wouldn't want to go back to straight DOM/SAX if I don't have to. I love being able to build XML quickly from multiple database queries and send back to user's browser.  Long live JDOM!

Just my $0.02

Rob Mitchell
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  I have been using JDOM for some time, and I have noticed the following problems:

  1.  There seems to be no desire to have a new release or even talk about it.
  2.  There hasn't been any update to the web site in a year.
  3.  Very few messages are posted to this list.

  I enjoy using JDOM, if fact my project rely heavily on it. 
  Jason Long - CEO and Chief Software Engineer
  Supernova Software - supernovasoftware.com
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