[jdom-interest] Is XMLOutputter thread-safe and/or reusable ( JDOMb9)?

Rolf Lear rlear at algorithmics.com
Mon Dec 1 06:51:18 PST 2003

Not intended to be thread safe. In particular, have a look at the xml:space
I is possible that you will get away without problems in your case, but,
nothing in JDOM is intended to be thread-safe. Safety is the responsibility
of the JDOM user, not the toolkit.
There is not much of an overhead in creating XMLOutputters, but if you are
absolutely determined to get the most, then how about using a thread-local.

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I have some classes which will be used to process several XML requests, and
at times, I want to dump the contents of the request to a file.  I'm using
an XMLOutputter to do this, but right now, I'm constructing a new instance
of the XMLOutputter for each request that is to be dumped.  I'm not certain
this is necessary, but I err'ed on the side of caution until I can get
confirmation that it is safe to share one instance of the XMLOutputter. 

The Javadocs don't specify.  I looked through the source, and nothing jumped
out at me.  Can someone else confirm for me if XMLOutputter's 'output'
methods are both idempotent and thread-safe?  I believe they are, but I'm
looking for confirmation.  Obviously, changing the output settings
(indentation, etc.) would be a problem, but I use the exact same settings
every time, so those wouldn't be chanmgign in my case. 


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