[jdom-interest] Is XMLOutputter thread-safe and/or reusable (JDOMb9)?

Brian Sayatovic/AMIG BSayatovic at amig.com
Mon Dec 1 06:35:07 PST 2003

I have some classes which will be used to process several XML requests, 
and at times, I want to dump the contents of the request to a file.  I'm 
using an XMLOutputter to do this, but right now, I'm constructing a new 
instance of the XMLOutputter for each request that is to be dumped.  I'm 
not certain this is necessary, but I err'ed on the side of caution until I 
can get confirmation that it is safe to share one instance of the 

The Javadocs don't specify.  I looked through the source, and nothing 
jumped out at me.  Can someone else confirm for me if XMLOutputter's 
'output' methods are both idempotent and thread-safe?  I believe they are, 
but I'm looking for confirmation.  Obviously, changing the output settings 
(indentation, etc.) would be a problem, but I use the exact same settings 
every time, so those wouldn't be chanmgign in my case.

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