[jdom-interest] Xerxes Parser and JDOM

tobias.kaempf at web.de tobias.kaempf at web.de
Wed Jan 16 04:55:58 PST 2002


I am using JDom with Applets and I have some Problems with it.
I have a Web Server running, where I log all incoming requests, and 
on this Server is my Applet.
The Applet uses JDom to read in some XML-Files which are also on the Server.
There are the following jar-Files on the Server and defined in the Applet :
When the Applet is running, there are requests for a xerxes.jar, 3 times and it takes a time until these requests are consumed.

So here is my Question :
Why is the Applet ( in the Code I use no xerxes Classes ), requesting a xerxes.jar, that is not defined in the Applet Tag and not on the Server ?
How can I stop the applet requesting this jar-File ?
( When it is on the Server, the xerxes.jar is downloaded each request-Time )

Thanks for your Help

Tobias Kämpf
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