[jdom-interest] Schema validation.

Hans Prüller hans.prueller at igs.at
Wed Jan 16 04:18:50 PST 2002


I've been using JDOM with schema validation for a while and it works
without setting features on the XMLReader.
The only problems I have is, that Xerces doesn't know the xsd:any - element
and throws exceptions in xsd:unique-expressions but
without them it works fine.

here's the way I do it:

//create a File-Object for SAXBuilder
xmlFile = new File(path_to_file);

if (xmlFile.exists())
     //create a SAXBuilder with VALIDATION
     SAXBuilder sax = new SAXBuilder(true);
     catch (org.jdom.JDOMException e)

The code segment above validates the xml-File against a schema and if the
file is valid, no exception occurs and
everything goes fine.


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I have been using JDom for a while and also received quite a few emails on
the mailing list with that title. But please don't hit the delete button
staightaway :).
So, today for the first time I tried validation on an XML schema. The
validation fails on the root element saying it must be defined. I'm using
JDom with Xerces and I went on Xerces web site to see how Xerces supports
XML Schema validation.
It appears it works by setting features on the XMLReader:
DTD validation:
reader.setFeature("http://xml.org/sax/features/validation", true)
XML Schema validation:
reader.setFeature("http://xml.org/sax/features/validation/schema", true)

I went on the code of JDom SAXBuilder and only the first feature for DTD
support is set. Since the org.jdom.SAXBuilder class only expose the method
setValidation(boolean) and not setFeature(..) on the underlying XMLReader,
what's the tip??

Thanks a lot,


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