[jdom-interest] Beta 8

Paul Libbrecht paul at ags.uni-sb.de
Thu Jan 10 12:38:48 PST 2002

Dare I suggest either of the following:

-> document access to jdom-wip and encourage folks discussing this
-> make a release candidate (or beta-beta) so that everyone can enjoy 
this and precisely test...

I'd be more than interested on testing such but never really dare keep 
working with jdom-wip...


On Mercredi, janvier 9, 2002, at 05:04 , phil at triloggroup.com wrote:

> I read that Beta 8 is scheduled before the 14th of January.
> I'm really afraid about that because we currently invested on JDOM and 
> I also convainced some partners to do the same
> choice. Unfortunatly, we now need to change a lot of things because of 
> Text. And these changes are not trivial to find
> because they are maily made of instanceof statements and casts. So, it 
> won't be detected by the compiler.
> I'm sure than many other compagnies invested on JDOM and have to deal 
> with the same situation. This is also true for all
> the peripheral tool, like Jaxen...
> I know that we were working with a beta but, PLEASE, do not publish 
> that or I think you'll kill the product, by
> thwarting all the early adopters and tool providers.
> Phil.
> Trilog Group Software.
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