[jdom-interest] Beta 8

phil at triloggroup.com phil at triloggroup.com
Wed Jan 9 08:04:07 PST 2002

I read that Beta 8 is scheduled before the 14th of January.

I'm really afraid about that because we currently invested on JDOM and I also convainced some partners to do the same
choice. Unfortunatly, we now need to change a lot of things because of Text. And these changes are not trivial to find
because they are maily made of instanceof statements and casts. So, it won't be detected by the compiler.
I'm sure than many other compagnies invested on JDOM and have to deal with the same situation. This is also true for all
the peripheral tool, like Jaxen...

I know that we were working with a beta but, PLEASE, do not publish that or I think you'll kill the product, by
thwarting all the early adopters and tool providers.

Trilog Group Software.

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