[jdom-interest] HTML, setExpandEmptyElements, setExpandEntities

David Franzen info at pixelandink.com
Thu Jan 10 19:32:40 PST 2002

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Is your HTML document XHTML complient, including the XHTML declaration at
the begining? If not, see if that makes the browser "bug" go away. What
about adding attributes to textarea instead of text content?

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> Hi,
> sorry, if this question was asked before. I didn't find it in the archive.
> sent this message already, but probabely it has not been arrived.
> My HTML-pages are prepared as XML and are filled during runtime. For that
> am using JDOM. Unfortunately the XMLOutputter makes <TEXTAREA/> from
> <TEXTAREA></TEXTAREA>, if it has no content. This will cause a bug in
> That's why I tried anXMLOutputter.setExpandEmptyElements(true), but that
> creates <BR></BR> from </BR>. The page is twice as long as intended,
> my browers shows two lines insted of one.
> I also tired aSAXHandler.setExpandEntities(false) with similar results.
> The only way I have right now it to set a blank between
> Any better suggestions ?
> Help is very welcome.
>    Boerries
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