[jdom-interest] HTML, setExpandEmptyElements, setExpandEntities

Börries Ludwig boerries.ludwig at t-systems.de
Thu Jan 10 00:44:07 PST 2002


sorry, if this question was asked before. I didn't find it in the archive. I
sent this message already, but probabely it has not been arrived.

My HTML-pages are prepared as XML and are filled during runtime. For that I
am using JDOM. Unfortunately the XMLOutputter makes <TEXTAREA/> from
<TEXTAREA></TEXTAREA>, if it has no content. This will cause a bug in HTML.

That's why I tried anXMLOutputter.setExpandEmptyElements(true), but that
creates <BR></BR> from </BR>. The page is twice as long as intended, because
my browers shows two lines insted of one.

I also tired aSAXHandler.setExpandEntities(false) with similar results.

The only way I have right now it to set a blank between

Any better suggestions ?

Help is very welcome.


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