[jdom-interest] Failing tests

Bradley S. Huffman hip at a.cs.okstate.edu
Sun Apr 7 16:27:19 PDT 2002

Philip Nelson writes:

> So, does everybody write their own code from scratch to test it?

Yuck, why would anyone do that when we have a perfectly good test suite
to start with.  Just make sure your test jar is in ../jdom/build/jdom.jar
(or change build.xml) and run build testui.

> I guess what I am getting at is that if you just put your
> test code into a junit test, we could all benefit, and I would assume then
> everybody would regularly run the test suite.  Even if I had unlimited amounts
> of time for JDOM, which I don't, the chances of me coming back later and
> writing a test that fully excercises the subtle nuances of the code you just
> changed or added is slim.

If your worried the tests aren't keeping up with the code, I don't think
that's the case.

Several patches to the test have probably just been lost in the shuffle, been
a busy month for everyone.  One I can think of is a TestContentList.java I
submitted a month ago that's not in the cvs.  But resubmitting is on my list
of things to do after the tests are updated to the lastest junit.  Also on
the list are check for duplicate attributes in TestAttribute, more parentage
checks in both TestAttribute and TestElement.

Don't worry we got you covered :)

> Put the source in the src/java/org/jdom/test/cases directory
> and build.  Then run build test and it will be run.  Then when the code is
> released, we can either add the whole class to the test suite or put the
> methods in appropriate existing classes as needed.

Don't you also have to make a small adjustment to Alltests.java to get it to


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