[jdom-interest] Bug with Element.getAdditonalNamespaces()

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Sun Dec 17 21:13:37 PST 2000

> -In the namespaces.xml file in the samples directory, if you do
> getAdditionalNamespaces() for the root element of this document
> (stylesheet) only two of the three namespace declarations are
> returned, JavaXML and foo.  This seems wrong?

No, it's fine, because the xsl namespace isn't additional.  It's the
namespace of the element itself.

> -In the testNamespaces.xml files in the samples directory, modify this
> file by adding a default namespace to the root of this document
> (Template), like xmlns="http://www.jdom.org".   Now build this file
> into a document object, and do getAdditionalNamespaces() for Template,
> no namespace declarations will be returned.

Because Template is in the default namespace, so it also isn't


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