[jdom-interest] Bug with Element.getAdditonalNamespaces()

Rick Nucci rick_nucci at boomi.com
Sat Dec 16 20:03:50 PST 2000


Sorry if this has already been covered, but
Element.getAdditionalNamespaces() does not seem to be returning namespace
declarations correctly using the 12/13 build.  Here are two examples to
reproduce this:

-In the namespaces.xml file in the samples directory, if you do
getAdditionalNamespaces() for the root element of this document (stylesheet)
only two of the three namespace declarations are returned, JavaXML and foo.
This seems wrong?

-In the testNamespaces.xml files in the samples directory, modify this file
by adding a default namespace to the root of this document (Template), like
xmlns="http://www.jdom.org".   Now build this file into a document object,
and do getAdditionalNamespaces() for Template, no namespace declarations
will be returned.

Am I missing something?


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