[jdom-interest] Announce: JDOMPlus a flexible XML framework for Java

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Tue Dec 5 20:17:05 PST 2000

James Strachan wrote:
> I've started a new Open Source project, JDOMPlus 

To make sure there isn't any confusion, Brett and I would like to make
it clear we are not involved in this new project.  James created this
project on his own; Brett and I first found out about it on this list
along with everyone else.

We do not endorse the project, support the project, nor will we be
actively working on the project.  It is a break from the JDOM project. 
Of course, it is James' right to fork the JDOM code.  That's the great
thing about open source.  The code is shared by all.

The name "JDOM", however, is protected.  As everyone can see from
reading the LICENSE.txt file and the license text attached to the head
of every source file, the JDOM code is licensed under an Apache-style
license and license terms 3 and 4 protect the original project name and
allow its use only with written permission from JDOM Project
management.  James has not sought after or received permission to use
the name JDOM, and thus we have asked James to select another name for
his project that complies with the license and does not include "JDOM",
and also to choose web site names that do not include JDOM either.

Brett and I very much hope that people with design ideas continue to use
this list as the place for discussion.  I'm always happy to debate the
merits of different designs.  I enjoy that discussion actually; it's one
of the nicest perks of this unpaid position.  :-)  It's unfortunate we
can't accept every idea, but we believe it's best when making API
changes to "Measure twice, cut once" as they say, and the factory model
promoted by the forked design definitely raised some hairy unresolved


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