[jdom-interest] Announce: JDOMPlus a flexible XML framework for Java

James Strachan james at metastuff.com
Tue Dec 5 02:36:41 PST 2000

I've started a new Open Source project, JDOMPlus for people like myself who
are prepared to accept some extra complexity over standard JDOM for
increased flexibility in implementation, coupling, performance and feature.

JDOM+ is API compliant with JDOM in all aspects except in the custom
building of XML trees.

JDOM+ is essentially a fork of the JDOM codebase implemented using pure
abstract base classes for Element, Attribute, CDATA, Comment, Entity,

JDOM+ comes complete with a fully doubly linked tree implementation and a
fully singly linked tree implementation. JDOM+ also comes with a polymorphic
Node interface which the whole tree implements which among other things,
integrates pluggable XPath support.

The main differences JDOM+ brings are
    * supports read only branches or documents
    * supports singly or doubly linked trees, branches or nodes
    * supports reuse of node, branches and documents

JDOM+ is also a suitable framework from which to implement "create on
demand" branches for efficient integration with databases, XLink, XInclude

The website describes JDOM+ in much more detail with example code, download
links and full JavaDoc.

The website will be at the following URL any time soon...


Though for now use the following URL...


JDOM+ is hosted at SourceForge and contributions and comments are extremely
welcome. The web site and documentation is still a little alpha quality,
please bear with me. I'll be improving things over the coming weeks.

I'll be attempting to keep its API a superset of JDOM and will ultimately
build a test harness to prove that JDOM+ implements all of the JDOM API.

Hopefully the JDOM+ project should finally stop all 'interfaces / abstract
base class' discussion in the standard JDOM community. If anyone wants
interfaces / abstract base classes to implement smart proxies, share
objects, reduce memory or other clever things, then JDOM+ is the framework
for them. If people just want an easy to use framework that does 80/20
things well, then standard JDOM is the easiest option.


James Strachan
email: james at metastuff.com
web: http://www.metastuff.com

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