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12.09.2021: JDOM Released!

JDOM is here!

JDOM fixes some issues:

  • Fixes Issue 156 - Report prolog whitespace
  • Fixes Issue 161 - org.jdom2.contrib.input.scanner. ElementScanner#parse(InputSource) fails with java.lang.NullPointerException: No parent for filter
  • Fixes Issue 165 - AbstractReaderXSDFactory: SchemaFactory needlessly managed as a thread-global
  • Fixes Issue 171 - Fix for NPE on null attribute name
  • Fixes Issue 173 - Element.getContentSize() gives different result with CDATA between v1.1 and v2.0.6
  • Fixes Issue 189 - Security warning: CVE-2021-33813
  • Note: Now built with JDK 1.8.0_151-b12 rather than JDK 1.7.0_75-b13 which 2.0.6 used (still targets 1.5 using source/target flags)

Get JDOM Here! or from the maven-central repository here: Group: org.jdom, Artifact: jdom2

02.15.2015: JDOM 2.0.6 Released!

JDOM 2.0.6 is here!

JDOM 2.0.6 fixes some issues:

  • Fixes Issue 120 - Incorrect cloning of JaxenCompile ending up with variables shared between clones.
  • Fixes Issue 127 - When Outputting content, getting a PrettyFormat Format, then setting it to "Preserve" does not preserve properly
  • Fixes Issue 126 - While namespaces prefixes like "Xml" are discouraged, they are actually allowed (except "xml" and "xmlns" - case specific).
  • Fixes Issue 128 - Third party Security audit revealed a few places which were vulnerable.
  • Fixes Issue 129 - Java 8 introduces public sort method on List interface. This conflicts with protected sort on ContentList
  • Fixes Issue 131 - JavaDoc fix
  • Fixes Issue 134 - Upgrade Xalan to 2.7.2
  • Fixes Issue 143 - Maven third party dependency versions
  • Fixes Issue 136 - XMLReaders enum initializes all three members on first use (Non-validating, DTD, and XSD). This can be slow when not needed.
  • Fixes Issue 138 - Non-Namespace Aware DOM constructs get Parsed OK by JDOM 1.x but fail on JDOM 2.x. Make JDOM 2.x look harder for undeclared prefixes.

Get JDOM 2.0.6 Here! or from the maven-central repository here: Group: org.jdom, Artifact: jdom2

04.28.2013: JDOM 2.0.5 Released!

JDOM 2.0.5 is here!

JDOM 2.0.5 fixes some issues:

  • Fixes Issue 116 - JDOM 1.x uses an iterator to output XML child content, modify JDOM 2.x to do the same.
  • Fixes Issue 115 - Correctly set the 'xmlns' prefix and URI for Namespace declarations in DOMOutputter.
  • Fixes Issue 114 - Setting the Line Separator for JDOM would not work from
  • Fixes Issue 113 - Compile (and test) against Jaxen 1.1.6
  • Fixes Issue 112 - Improves performance of SAXBuilder when there are large ( greater than 1KB ) text sections in the input XML
  • Fixes Issue 111 - Improve documentation for so that it is more obvious that the String must be a URI or filename, etc. and not actual XML in a String variable
  • Fixes Issue 106 - Uses different methods on StAX Stream output to ensure that Namespace URI's are prefixed correctly

Get JDOM 2.0.5 Here! or from the maven-central repository here: Group: org.jdom, Artifact: jdom2

JDOM Downloads used to be available on GitHub too, but GitHub has disabled this feature.

11.08.2012: JDOM 2.0.4 Released!

JDOM 2.0.4 is here!

JDOM 2.0.4 fixes a some issues:

  • Fixes Issue 93 - Some Java containers (e.g. Applets) have security restrictions on accessing System properties.
  • Fixes Issue 94 - Improve the exception-handling in the intializers for the XMLSchema validating singletons in XMLReaders.
  • Fixes Issue 97 - Update to using/packaging Jaxen 1.1.4
  • Fixes Issue 98 - Improve the XPathHelper class so that it can build queries to all nodes, including at document level.
  • Fixes Issue 100 - Use the functionally equivalent 'older' DOM methods instead of DOM 3 methods with may not be implemented completely in all DOM libraries.

Get JDOM 2.0.4 Here! or from the maven-central repository here: Group: org.jdom, Artifact: jdom2

09.09.2012: JDOM 2.0.3 Released!

JDOM 2.0.3 is here!

JDOM 2.0.3 fixes a couple of bugs, and includes some new features:

  • Fixes Issue 88 - makes subclasses of JDOM content serializable even if they are not in the org.jdom2 package.
  • Fixes Issue 89 - extends the SAX processing in JDOM to allow specific (named) JAXP factories to be used
  • Fixes Issue 90 - fixes a false-positive check for Attributes. See the issue for the details.
  • Fixes Issue 91 - A performance improvement for AttributeList
  • Fixes Issue 92 - Performance improvements for Verifier
  • No issue, but includes performance improvements to the regular ContentList.
  • Resolves Issue 87 - The name for the JDOM artifact in maven-central: JDOM 2.x from now on will be released in to the jdom2 artifact, instead of the jdom artifact.

Get JDOM 2.0.3 Here! or from the maven-central repository here: Group: org.jdom, Artifact: jdom2

06.08.2012: JDOM 2.0.2 Released!

JDOM 2.0.2 is here!

JDOM 2.0.2 fixes a single bug (Issue #81) and also updates some JavaDoc, and makes an exception message more meaningful.

Get JDOM 2.0.2 Here! or from the maven-central repository here: Group: org.jdom, Artifact: jdom

04.28.2012: JDOM 2.0.1 Released!

JDOM 2.0.1 is here!

JDOM 2.0.1 Introduces official support for Android! See the JDOM and Android page. JDOM 2.0.1 also fixes a bug in the 'Compact' output of XML.

Get JDOM 2.0.1 Here! or from the maven-central repository here: Group: org.jdom, Articact: jdom

04.08.2012: JDOM 2.0.0 Released!

JDOM 2.0.0 is here!

JDOM 2.0.0 brings JDOM in to the world of Generics and other Java language items introduced with Java 5. As a result, JDOM 2.0.0 requires Java 5 or later, but is only fully supported on Java 6 and later.

Get JDOM 2.0.0 Here! or from the maven-central repository here: Group: org.jdom, Articact: jdom

02.26.2012: JDOM 1.1.3 Released!

JDOM 1.1.3 is here!

JDOM 1.1.3 fixes a single bug in the SAXOutputer - Issue #60.

In addition to the single bug-fix, the 1.1.3 release will also deploy the jdom-contrib artifact to maven-central (Group: org.jdom, Artifact: jdom-contrib, Version: 1.1.3)

Development continues on JDOM2 which is currently in BETA testing, and is scheduled to be released in April, 2012.

10.23.2011: JDOM 1.1.2 Released!

JDOM 1.1.2 is here!

The big news for this release is that the source code has moved to Git and is hosted at GitHub

Development is progressing on JDOM2 which will be a Generics friendly release compatible with the features in Java 5 and later.

This 1.1.2 release includes a number of bugfixes for issues identified in the JDOM2 process, while still maintaining full backward compatibility with 1.1.1, and Java 1.2. This is a drop-in replacement for JDOM 1.1.1.

This build will also be deployed to maven-central in the GroupID 'org.jdom' Artifact 'jdom' Version '1.1.2' (though that process will take a couple of days).

Get JDOM 1.1.2 Here!.

07.26.2009: JDOM 1.1.1 Released!

JDOM 1.1.1 is here!

This release includes an important Namespace synchronization bug fix, a new SAXBuilder flag for faster parsing, an updated Jaxen library, new support for Unicode surrogate pairs, and support for the Android Dalvik VM. Get JDOM 1.1.

11.18.2007: JDOM 1.1 Released!

JDOM 1.1 is here!

This release contains about 20 improvements and bug fixes and is recommended for everyone. Get JDOM 1.1.

10.06.2006: JDOM Is Alive and Well

Some people have inquired about the status of JDOM because we haven't had a public release in a while. We're still here! The jdom-interest list is still active. It's just that because it took us 4 years and 10 beta cycles to get to 1.0, there really weren't any significant bugs or missing features in our 1.0 release. I guess you could say we're resting on our laurels a little.

09.09.2004: JDOM 1.0 Released!

At long last JDOM 1.0 has released! Get JDOM 1.0.

We'll continue adding features for a 1.1 or 2.0 release. See the TODO.txt file for items we're looking at. We plan on maintaining backwards compatibility.

09.02.2004: JDOM 1.0 RC1

JDOM 1.0 Release Candidate #1 is now available. At long last we're making 1.0. You're encouraged to check out this beta and send in any comments so they can be considered for the 1.0 release. Get 1.0 RC1!

02.16.2004: JDOM Beta 10

JDOM Beta 10 is now available. Beta 10 is expected to be the last Beta before 1.0. You're encouraged to check out this beta and send in any comments so they can be considered for the 1.0 release. Get Beta 10!

02.06.2004: JDOM Beta 10 RC1

JDOM Beta 10 RC1 is now available. Beta 10 is expected to be the last Beta before 1.0. You're encouraged to check out this release candidate and send in any comments so they can be considered for the 1.0 release. Get Beta 10 RC1!

04.28.2003: JDOM Beta 9

JDOM Beta 9 is now available. Get Beta 9!

04.20.2003: JDOM Beta 9 RC2

JDOM Beta 9 RC2 is now available. This release is in testing to become Beta 9. It includes three bug fixes to RC1. Get Beta 9 RC2!

04.10.2003: JDOM Beta 9 RC1

JDOM Beta 9 RC1 is now available. This release is in testing to become Beta 9. The list of improvements over Beta 8 (as recorded in CHANGES.txt) is astounding. Get Beta 9 RC1! (Yes, it was a year between betas. But don't worry, we're still here.)

08.31.2002: JDOM in Oracle Magazine

Oracle Magazine has started a series covering JDOM. See the Docs page for links.

03.28.2002: JDOM Beta 8

JDOM Beta8 is now available. The list of improvements over Beta7 (as recorded in CHANGES.txt) is astounding. Get Beta 8!

03.11.2002: JDOM Beta 8 RC1

JDOM Beta8 Release Candidate #1 is now available. This isn't the formal Beta8 release. It's intended for people to upgrade against so they can identify any showstopper issues before the final release. If you're using JDOM, get Beta 8 RC1!

03.10.2002: JDOM Weblog

Jason Hunter has set up a weblog on with a JDOM category. It will contain news and thoughts that aren't quite worth the long process necessary to add something here on the official site. It should be especially useful for people who aren't on the jdom-interest mailing list. If you want to follow along, read the JDOM 'blog.

02.15.2002: JDOM Beta 8 almost ready!

Beta 8 is nearly ready, with many speed optimizations and functionality improvements! Join the jdom-interest to see what's happening and to report
any bugs you want to make sure are fixed in Beta 8.

01.14.2002: JDOM on TechTV

Jason Hunter talked about JDOM on TechTV, on the "Screen Savers" show. Maybe someday we'll put up streaming video of the show, but better do Beta 8 first.

12.06.2001: Talk accepted at JavaOne

A talk on JDOM has been accepted at the JavaOne 2002 show in San Francisco. Jason Hunter will be giving the talk.

12.01.2001: Jason to devote more time to JDOM

Jason Hunter announced this week he had left his day job and this would allow him to concentrate more of his time to project managing JDOM. Since July his day job had taken most of his energies.

07.07.2001: JDOM Beta 7 released!

JDOM Beta 7 is here, and it's the best JDOM yet. JDOM now includes built-in support for XSLT, a much improved entity model, a vastly more robust SAXBuilder (with a public SAXHandler, pluggable factories, and createXXX() methods to simplify subclassing), more reliable building and outputting, a convenient detach() method for all tree objects, the long-desired setName() and setNamespace() methods on Element, machine-readable version information in META-INF, several significant performance improvements, and many bugs fixed. A full list of changes since Beta 6 can be found in the file "CHANGES.txt" in the root directory of the distribution. Download it today!.

03.27.2001: JDOM at O'Reilly Conference on Enterprise Java

Jason Hunter today presented a three-hour tutorial on JDOM to a packed room at the O'Reilly Conference on Enterprise Java in Santa Clara, California. The talk is based on the latest milestone beta6 and covers the JSR-102 effort. James Duncan Davidson jumped on stage and did an impromptu testimonial on how JDOM helped him with his Amber project (the follow-on to Ant). Slides are available.

02.26.2001: JDOM Accepted as JSR-102

JDOM was accepted today by the Java Community Process (JCP) as a Java Specification Request (JSR-102). Members of the JCP Executive Committee supporting the effort include Apache, Borland, Caldera, Cisco, HP, IBM, and Sun.

This JSR will be the process to define the JDOM 1.0 API. Putting JDOM under the oversight of the JCP will facilitate JDOM's corporate adoption and open the door for JDOM to be incorporated into the core Java Platform. JDOM will still be released as open source software, and technical discussion will continue to take place on public mailing lists. For more information, see the JSR-102 Proposal.

02.15.2001: JDOM Beta 6 released!

JDOM Beta 6 is here, and it's a dramatic improvement over Beta 5. JDOM now
supports JAXP and Crimson, nodes now have parentage, nodes now protect themselves from being double-added, inputters and outputters are much better at handling namespaces, methods deprecated in Beta 5 have been removed, the Verifier class has been sped up significantly, error reporting is now more descriptive, and a pile of bugs have been fixed. A full list of changes since Beta 5 can be found in the file "CHANGES.txt" in the root directory of the distribution. Download it today!

01.31.2001: JDOM at Sun's HQ Briefing

Jason Hunter gave a short "manager level" presentation on JDOM at the Sun Headquarters Briefing in Menlo Park on January 31, 2001. Sun specifically requested JDOM's participation. Slides are available.

01.29.2001: Web Site Updated

The web site content went through an overhaul today. Most noticeably, the JDOM FAQ nearly doubled in size and the Quotes page has some wonderful new entries.

12.22.2000: JDOM Namespaces Praised

An article posted to today criticized the DOM handling of namespaces but praised the JDOM approach. They write, "Technologies like JDOM and SAX do a great job of dealing with namespaces, but wouldn't you expect the W3C to produce the best API for dealing with them?" The lighthearted article is titled "XML Namespaces: Godsend or Demon Seed?".

11.15.2000: JDOM at XML DevCon 2000

Jason Hunter and Brett McLaughlin gave a talk titled "Java + XML = JDOM" at XML DevCon 2000 in San Jose. Slides are available.


11.13.2000: Elliotte Rusty Harold predicts a "rosy future for JDOM"

As reported by XMLHack, "At the end of a rollicking, six-hour review of the Bleeding Edge of XML, Elliotte Rusty Harold spent half an hour discussing the future of XML in very specific terms -- what would succeed, what would fail, and what would just squeak by." Elliotte predicted a "rosy future for JDOM". Read more at XMLHack.

10.7.2000: Beta5 is released!

Today the much-anticipated JDOM Beta5 was released with huge leaps in functionality above Beta4. Download it today!

8.1.2000: JDOM Again in JavaWorld

The second part of "Easy Java/XML integration with JDOM" appeared in JavaWorld today. Read the article here.

7.18.2000: JDOM at BOF and Session at SD East 2000

SD East 2000 will feature quite a bit of JDOM coverage. Jason Hunter and Brett McLaughlin will be hosting a BOF at 7:00 PM October 31st (what a Halloween!), as well as a technical session entitled "Java + XML = JDOM" from 3:30 - 5:00 on November 1st. You can find out more at the conference website.

7.18.2000: Data Binding Article to feature JDOM

A new article (Part One of a four part series) at IBM DeveloperWorks discusses XML data binding, and mentions JDOM in the process. Additionally, the code in the rest of the series will all be based on JDOM (oh yeah, the author is yours truly, Brett McLaughlin!). Read the complete article here.

7.11.2000: JDOM Named as Baseline Requirement for New Apache XML Parser

A new parser design is underway at Apache XML, which will replace Xerces when finished. Although the name is unclear (Spinnaker, Xerces Refactoring Initiative [XRI], Xerces 2), one thing is for sure: JDOM will be supported! Read the initial posting by James Davidson of Sun here, and check out the ongoing list of requirements here.

6.20.2000: JDOM Developer to give talk at XML DevCon 2000

Elliotte Rusty Harold, one of the JDOM developers (and quite well-known in his own right as XML author and programmer) is giving a talk on JDOM at the meeting of the New York C++ & Java SIG of the New York PC Users' Group at XML DevCon on Monday, June 26th, 2000. The meeting starts at 6:45 in the Gramercy B Room of the New York Hilton and runs until roughly 8:00. He'll be showing off JDOM basics and comparing and contrasting it to SAX2 and DOM. Admittion is free. Chek out more at Elliotte's XML site.

6.6.2000: Beta4 is released!

Today JDOM Beta4 became available for download. A great number of XML specification conformance issues have been addressed in this version.

5.18.2000: JDOM is the JavaWorld Cover Story!

Jason Hunter and Brett McLaughlin detail JDOM in part one of a 2 part article on the API for JavaWorld. Read it all here.

5.18.2000: O'Reilly Interviews JDOM Co-Founder

An interview with Brett McLaughlin, one of JDOM's co-founders, appeared on the O'Reilly website. Read Brett's candid views about Java, XML, and why JDOM was something important in his upcoming book, Java and XML.

5.03.2000: JDOM highlighted at

An article discussing what are cited as "two new emerging APIs" focuses on JDOM. Several excerpts from the mailing lists and initial announcements about JDOM are included, particularly those focusing on our differences as compared to DOM. Read the complete article here.

5.01.2000: Java and XML Article discusses JDOM

An article discussing the recent shift in paradigm from XML-oriented APIs to Java-oriented APIs for using XML from Java cites JDOM as a major part of this re-focus. Read the article here. (Oh, yeah, it's by one of JDOM's co-founders, Brett McLaughlin ;-) )

4.27.2000: JDOM is "Internet World News"

A brief description of JDOM appeared in Internet World News today, and was touted as "great news". Read it all here.

4.27.2000: JDOM Press Release

We're already in the news! the JDOM API is officially announced, and is announced as an affiliate of the O'Reilly Network. Read the press release here.

4.27.2000: Web Site Goes Live

After a month of work, fun, and furious coding, JDOM 1.0 beta 3 is released, and the JDOMTM web site ( is opened to the public.

4.26.2000: Public Announcement of JDOM

At the Mountain View, CA, Java User's Group, Jason Hunter and Brett McLaughlin speak on and announce JDOM, the Java Document Object Model. The availability of the JDOM code is also announced, and the web site is unveiled. You can download the presentation slides here.