[jdom-interest] Making a new release

BIHANIC, LAURENT laurent.bihanic at worldline.com
Thu Mar 18 11:16:44 PDT 2021


I cloned the project from Github and gave it a try.
Ouch, Ant! Seems like centuries ago!

Anyway, once I skipped the GPG part, the Ant build completed while some unit
tests actually failed:

- TestSAXBuilder : No real issue (for some obscure reason, the file returned
by FilecreateTempFile() differs from getCanonicalFile() on macOS)

- TestStAXEventOutputter (5 errors), TestStAXOutputter2Writer (1),
TestStAXReader2Writer (2), TestStAXStreamOutputter (6) all fail for either
namespace issues or incorrect surrogate pair encoding in ISO-8859-1

Are these StAX issues new?
Can anyone have a look and fix them?

As I'm no longer that comfortable with Ant these days, I forked the project
and attempted a quick migration to Maven. It's available here:

I created 4 Maven modules (jdom2-parent, jdom2 (core), jdom2-contrib,
jdom2-samples) and made minimal code restructuring (to follow Maven standard
directory structure) and redispatching (code from the previous "test"
directory moved to either "core" and "contrib" test directories).

Would this help?


Le 16/03/2021 à 08:54, Jason Hunter a écrit :
> It's sure been quiet around here. How many of you are out there? How many "address not found" responses am I about to get? :)
> One reason it's been quiet is Rolf Lear hasn't been communicating since Dec 2015. I'm not sure what happened to him. That's the downside of purely electronic open source collaboration. Is he OK? I hope so. I don't know how to find out.
> We're at a point where there's a need to make a new JDOM release to fix a small but important issue. I have the fix but I don't have time the next six weeks to figure out Rolf's system. I don't even have time to figure out the level of effort. Maybe it's easy, but I'm swamped with other tasks.
> Does any of the old crew want to help get a new release out the door? We'll have to figure out what Rolf was doing.
> Thanks,
> -jh-

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