[jdom-interest] Enhance jdom by OSGi support

Rolf Lear jdom at tuis.net
Sat Sep 15 10:58:18 PDT 2012

Hi Benjamin.

An early issue was created in the JDOM 2.x process:


This has been resolved, and JDOM 2.x has no classes/files in anything 
other than the org.jdom2.* namespace.

This should make it easier to make a bundle from JDOM 2.x

That's the good news.

The bad news is that I know nothing about OSGi. I have no idea of what 
it takes to support that model.

You mention Maven in your mail. At the moment the 'maven' word is a 
swear word in my home.... It's not likely (while I am maintaining JDOM) 
for the code base to be converted to a maven build process. There are 
some real reasons, and some emotional reasons, but fundamentally I 
regret having committed to producing a JDOM artifact on maven-central.

If a maven build process for JDOM is a requirement of OSGi support then 
it is a 'no-go' for me.

If maven is not required for creating a suitable OSGi system, then I 
will consider putting in effort to make it work on the following 

- there is some distinct reason why it is better for 'jdom' to create 
the bundle rather than some third-party (as you have already pointed 
out, other people seem to be making OSGi bundles for JDOM already...)
- there is an OSGi expert who has 'round-trip' experience in making OSGi 
bundles who can take responsibility for the JDOM OSGi bundle 
(responsibility for either 'doing it', or alternatively being a 'mentor' 
for someone who 'does it', and then 'validates' the result). The expert 
also has to be available for some time to answer any issues that may 
come up.
- there is no need for maven in the JDOM build
- there is no need to change any signatures of the JDOM API
- there is a relatively easy system for testing the bundle to ensure it 

I have learned (from the maven-central artifact for JDOM) that there are 
issues when trying to support some protocol/system that you don't 

I do no know OSGi. I do not use it. I do not know its benefits even. I 
am not equipped to produce it. I cannot even learn enough about it to 
get to the point where I am expert enough to do it properly.

There needs to be a committed OSGi expert involved.


On 15/09/2012 3:46 AM, Benjamin Graf wrote:
> Hi,
> is OSGi support still of any interest? Maybe have a look on
> https://github.com/apache/servicemix4-bundles/tree/trunk/jdom-2.0.2 to
> get the right manifest entries for jdom2. It might be useful to switch
> the whole project to maven at give it standardized structure and let all
> the magic been done by plugins (package type bundle)
> Any comments?
> Greets
> Benjamin
> <https://github.com/apache/servicemix4-bundles/tree/trunk/jdom-2.0.2>
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