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Rolf Lear jdom at tuis.net
Thu May 10 18:03:53 PDT 2012

Hi all.

Just added the items I have seen so far to this list (did I miss some?):


At the moment these issues are placeholders.... they are no indication 
that the items *will* be done, just an indication that they will be 

I think it makes sense to look for 'champions' for each one, with a 
procedure as follows:

1. motivate the feature - describe the intended feature, and answer the 
questions: "is it really useful?" and "does it 'belong' in JDOM?".
2. put together a plan for the feature - what are the dependencies, goals.
3. partitipate and keep tabs on the development... keep it on track.
4. 'sign off' on the results - does it work as intended.... ?

The reason I suggest this approach is:

1. I am not familiar with all the technologies out there, so I cannot 
adequately motivate/design/implement/validate these items.
2. I intend to tackle the Resolver (pet project) or Saxon integration 
(XPath 2.0 support is a 'headline' feature), and I am not particularly 
good at multitasking... so 'my day job' and 1 other thing is all I can do...
3. I don't want a huge time delay on 2.1 - I am thinking 6 months or so 
at most... and it is amazing how fast that time will go, and with me 
doing 1 thing at a time ... well... it won't all happen if it is only me 
doing it....
4. 'Community', 'Knowledge Transfer' and 'Opportunity' - I have never 
wanted to be the only person working on JDOM.... it just turned out that 
way - I think the 'clean up' and 'testing' for JDOM 2.x was not very 
attractive work :) This is a good moment for people to step up and 'own' 
a chunk of the project.

So, any volunteers?


On 09/05/2012 9:46 AM, Rolf Lear wrote:
> Hi all.
> So 2.0.1 has settled in nicely, with no apparent issues. I have also
> taken some 'JDOM down-time' to just get some of my life in order.... and
> to avoid some burn-out. I'm now at a cross-roads of sorts....
> My personal goal when I got involved with JDOM 2.x was to 'make JDOM
> current again', and I believe it is now (again) the 'best in class'
> in-memory XML model for Java.
> So, what is the 'cross-roads'? JDOM 2.x is now just an up to date 1.x
> version, with a more consistent code base, and which implements the
> modern Java concepts. But, should JDOM now settle in to a
> maintenance-only mode again until the next major development cycle in
> another 5 years? Or should JDOM again 'pioneer' in some new directions
> that make XML processing easier.
> I know I have my eyes on the 'Resolver' aspect of XML parsing, and I am
> going to start playing with that some more, but maybe there are other
> interesting things JDOM could be doing.
> So, this is a call for any 'wish-list' items that you want to have
> available in JDOM.
> Is there anything else JDOM can do for you?
> I think it would be reasonable to consider a JDOM 2.1 'branch' which
> extends existing JDOM functionality in the next 6 months or so, if there
> is a feature that would be nice to have, and people with an interest in
> building it....
> Rolf
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