[jdom-interest] Fwd: Hello and facing a problem with JDOM

Rolf Lear jdom at tuis.net
Thu Mar 22 13:33:15 PDT 2012

Hi Iman

I am unsure of how you added the JDOM 1.1.3 the first way, but, if it 
works when you add the Jars individually then the Jars themselves must 
be OK, the problem must be in how they are added to eclipse.

I wonder whether you are just copying the JDOM jars over the 'old' 1.1.2 
jars, but they have different names... jdom-1.1.3.jar not the old 
jdom-1.1.2.jar, and that eclipse is looking for the 1.1.2 version of the 

There are a few things I try to do when I have eclipse build problems:
1. select your project and right-click -> Refresh (F5) to make sure 
eclipse is up-to-date with everything.
2. open the 'problems' view: Window -> Show View -> Problems

You will see in the problems view all the issues that Eclipse has, with 
the errors at the top. If you select the 'errors' (with red icons), copy 
them, and paste them in to an e-mail I will have a better idea of what's 


On 22/03/2012 3:21 PM, Jason Hunter wrote:
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>> *From: *Iman Zabet <iman.zabet at gmail.com <mailto:iman.zabet at gmail.com>>
>> *Subject: **Hello and facing a problem with JDOM*
>> *Date: *March 22, 2012 3:16:48 PM EDT
>> *To: *jhunter at servlets.com <mailto:jhunter at servlets.com>
>> Hello Dear Jason,
>> First of all, I am Iman Zabet, and thank you about your JDOM project.
>> Since, I have a problem with the latest version of your product and
>> can not find a forum of your website, I wrote this email for your
>> considerations.
>> I have downloaded the last version of JDOM(1.1.3), and intended to
>> substitute its build jar files with the previous version (1.1.2).
>> Unfortunately, when I want to add them in a user-defined library in
>> "Java Build Path" in Eclipse, they are added as (missing) resourses
>> and can not be recognized by IDE in workspace. When I switch back
>> again to the previous version every thing goes okay!
>> Is this issue about my old 2009 version of eclipse of a common issue?
>> But I found they can be added as individual jar (with "add external
>> jars..." botton), not under a user-defined folder with other resources!
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Iman

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