[jdom-interest] suggested JDOM2 improvements

Rolf Lear jdom at tuis.net
Fri Jan 20 08:13:41 PST 2012

No, I have not considered that.

It is important for JDOM2 to get the API right. I do not want to be
deprecating anything after 2.0

I am targeting a second alpha release for Groundhog Day (feb 2nd). I am
expecting to have a memory-efficiency improvement and any other API changes
in for that release (currently only XPath has concerns). Additionally there
are a few issues I am working on for that release:


I intend to clear out all the issues except the serialization (which is a
major pain). All the others will either be rejected, or resolved.

Assuming no other issues I anticipate keeping to the schedule:

It is pretty tight already, and the quality of the release is strongly
dependent on how much feedback there is....

... really, I would love for people to get more involved.

If anyone has contributions or wish-list items for JDOM they should speak

With this XPath API change I think I will push out an intermediate ALPHA
sometime this weekend with the new XPath API in as a 'trial' for people to
play with and criticise.

I will perhaps out out another intermediate ALPHA with the
memory-efficiency changes sometime after that... but I have not yet started
working on that properly... soon.

So, expect a somewhat quick turnaround in the next two weeks for ALPHA_XP,
ALPHA_MEM and ALPHA_GH   (XPath, Memory, and Ground-Hog Day) respectively.

If anything else comes up for development before then I will probably have
to slip the timetable somehow.

That's if it is just me working on it.


On Fri, 20 Jan 2012 07:42:51 -0800, Joe Bowbeer <joe.bowbeer at gmail.com>
> Any thought to releasing JDOM2 with the existing functionality and
> targeting XPath redesign for JDOM2.1?

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