[jdom-interest] JDOM2 BETA 2 Released - 0.0.2 - Leap Day

Rolf Lear jdom at tuis.net
Wed Feb 29 20:21:01 PST 2012

Happy "Leap Day"

JDOM2's second Beta release is available.

Like previous releases, this is available for download from github.

Specifically, the second beta release is: 

The Github Javadoc, JUnit, and Coverage pages have all been updated to 
match this new BETA release:

A few things are different this time:
- I have changed the 'naming' convention - now jdom2-0.0.2-BETA. This is 
to satisfy maven-central.
- speaking of which, I am releasing this to the 'jdom2' artifact on 
maven-central. Expect the jdom2 artifact to arrive in a few hours
- includes 'Location-aware' SAX Parsing (concept pulled from contrib).
- includes Element.sort* for sorting element Content (concept pulled 
from contrib).
- includes XPathHelper for creating XPath queries for selecting JDOM 
content (concept pulled from contrib).

Please take this Beta for a spin, and share your experiences... good and 

On the original schedule this was going to be the last BETA release with 
final JDOM2 release at Easter. I am going to stick with the Easter 
release, but I expect to push out additional BETA releases between now 
and then.

Have fun!


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