[jdom-interest] jdom-contrib on maven central?

Rolf Lear jdom at tuis.net
Mon Feb 27 18:54:24 PST 2012

Hi again Richard, everyone.

I am looking at moving the Location-aware SAX-parsing code to 'core', 
and I was wondering whether you (or anyone) use both the 'start' and 
'end' locations, or just the 'start' location. I ask because if it is 
just the start location, I may consider adding support for all content, 
not just Element.

I have tried to imagine a situation where the end-of-element location is 
significant, and your validation code seems like the most likely type of 

Is the 'end-of-element' information useful?



On 16/02/2012 5:03 PM, Richard Adams wrote:
> Hello Rolf,
>   Thanks for your prompt and full reply:
>     why are you using JDOM 1.1 and contrib 1.1.1 when you could be using
>     1.1.2? 1.1 is *old* (November 2007)
> We've found 1.1.1 rock solid so didn't see the need to update, but we
> can certainly do so, there's no reason in principle.
>     can you wait for 2 weeks for the scheduled release of 1.1.3 (fixes a
>     bug in SAXOutputter)?
>   Absolutely, this isn't urgent.
>     what functionality in contrib are you using in your application...
>     contrib is not treated as 'carefully' as the core JDOM, and it
>     certainly is not as well tested. Perhaps this functionality should
>     be in core JDOM?
> Just the org.jdom.contrib.input package , which we use to report line
> numbers when validating documents.
>     So, as for putting the code in to maven, in theory I should now know
>     what I am doing.... The build script for JDOM contains a target to
>     do most of the work, and I can 'duplicate' it for the jdom-contrib
>     jar. On the flip side, I am not a regular maven user, and I did make
>     mistakes with the existing 1.1.2 'pom' file (it lists 'jaxen' as a
>     dependency, but there is no jaxen 1.1.3 artifact in maven central -
>     it should be an optional dependency). Unfortunately there is no way
>     to 'fix' maven issues unless you release a newer version.
>     So, in answer to your questions:
>     No, we do not have plans to release contrib on maven central, but we
>     can if there is a good reason....
>     It is an active decision because:
>          1. maven central is 'new' to me, and 1.1.2 JDOM was the first
>     release I have done
>          2. I do not believe contrib is 'production ready' code.
>     Certainly I do not pay it very much attention.
>          3. contrib is not 'tidy' enough to package with a sources and
>     javadoc jar to mate with the contrib jar for the OSS requirements
> I can volunteer to tidy up ( document? unit test? )  the contrib.input
> package, if that's any help.
>     We (I) welcome any assistance you can provide, but, in this
>     particular case, the process of pushing things to maven is fairly
>     well automated, *but*, the actual maven experience we have is
>     somewhat limited... if you have manpower to spare I would appreciate
>     it if you could inspect and criticize/improve the process used to
>     'push' 1.1.2 to maven... it could be flawed.... and it will be the
>     base for pushing all future versions to maven....
> I'll have a look  and get back to you - but  I'm certainly no expert,
> having gone  through the process once last week!
>   We also use an Ant build as our 'main' build, with the maven build
> being added solely to run the 'deploy' goals to put the project on their
> repository as a courtesy to consumers of our library who might use a
> maven build. But as our library is pretty much just used in academic
> research just now,  we don't have the same requirement for absolute
> compatibility as you with your large user-base, so can re-release easily
> if we screw things up.
>   I tried to use the mvn:release plugin but ran into all sorts of
> problems with tagging our code in subversion, so I ended up generating a
> big jar bundle and uploading it manually, then staging and releasing
> through their Nexus web-app.
>   Best wishes
>   Richard
>     I put together some notes as I went through the 1.1.2 process here:
>     https://github.com/hunterhacker/jdom/wiki/JDOM1.1.2-and-Maven
>     It would be great if you could inspect the 1.1.2 release to see if
>     there are other issues, also the pom file
>     https://github.com/hunterhacker/jdom/blob/jdom-1.x/maven.pom and the
>     build.xml https://github.com/hunterhacker/jdom/blob/jdom-1.x/build.xml
>     Thanks
>     Ro
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