[jdom-interest] JDOM 1.1.3 released!

Rolf Lear jdom at tuis.net
Sun Feb 26 21:40:24 PST 2012

JDOM 1.1.3 has just been published to http://www.jdom.org/
JDOM 1.1.3 has also been pushed to maven-central, but that typically 
takes a few hours to process.

The official download is in the standard JDOM format here: 
http://jdom.org/dist/binary/jdom-1.1.3.zip or: 

You can get the contrib and test downloads from: 

The code can be pulled from github using the "jdom-1.1.3" tag here:

This release fixes one issue - issue #60 - 
https://github.com/hunterhacker/jdom/issues/60 which affects people 
using the SAXOutputter (which is also used when doing XSL Transformations).

Additionally, as requested, this release publishes the jdom-contrib jar 
to maven-central. This is new for JDOM, and while jdom-contrib contains 
useful code, it is not considered to be 'production-ready'. Please take 
appropriate care when using the contrib jar.

This 1.1.3 release is a drop-in replacement for either JDOM 1.1.1 or 
1.1.2, and all users are encouraged to use 1.1.3.

JDOM 1.x is in 'maintenance mode'. Only bug-fixes will be considered for 
future a future 1.1.4 release. There are no known bugs in 1.1.3. If you 
encounter anything please notify the jdom-interest mailing list. The 
expectation is that 1.1.3 will be the final 1-series release, with the 
next release scheduled to be JDOM 2.0.0 in April.

Happy coding.


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