[jdom-interest] malformed URL exception exception in saxbuilder.build due to unreachable URL

Paul Libbrecht paul at hoplahup.net
Sun Feb 12 05:00:02 PST 2012


can you display a javadoc that displays this use of @Nullable or @NotNull?
A screenshot with IntelliJ would also be useful but well...
I would think IntelliJ is uselessly zealous to complain about the "if null"; they're rather easy to speak to about such... I am sure it's a matter of maturity for such annotations.



Le 12 févr. 2012 à 00:33, Michael Kay a écrit :

>> Having read some things recently in Effective Java, and also more carefully implementing core API's like the Collections API, I am now more inclined to do an explicit null check, and throw NullPointerException.
> I started putting @Nullable and @NotNull assertions into my code, and this got very confusing. I don't know about other tools, but IntelliJ gives you warnings if you say @NotNull and then have an "if null" test, while if you say @Nullable then the wrong information is conveyed to the user of the API.
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