[jdom-interest] JDOM 2.x additional features

Noel Grandin noel at peralex.com
Fri Apr 13 00:24:52 PDT 2012

OOOh, I'd love a nice resolver solution.
I live in sunny South Africa, with lovely beaches, and incredibly high 
latency internet connections, so reducing resolver calls helps a lot :-)

On 2012-04-12 20:46, Rolf Lear wrote:
> 'On the side' I have started the 'Resolver' project. This is hosted on
> github: https://github.com/rolfl/Resolver This project comes directly from
> the JDOM work because I did much of my JDOM work on the train, without an
> internet connection, and I needed to 'resolve' XSD and other resources from
> the web. If the Resolver project gets some interest, I am sure it would
> make some sense to at least consider moving it in to JDOM.

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