[jdom-interest] Removing Elements

Bashiro bashiro at myway.com
Tue Apr 10 05:06:41 PDT 2012

Thanks a lot.  Everything works perfectly now.
I will start using vers 2.0 today.

Have a nice day....

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You might try iterating backwards through the list.  I would assume that removing a child might change the indexing of the rest of the children, if your start at lists.size() - 1 and work your way toward 0, then the rest of the indexes wont change.  (*Chris*)

On Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 12:39 PM, Bashiro <bashiro at myway.com> wrote:
Thanks a lot for the reply. And thanks to both Rolf and Chris!
I really appreciate this.

What I am doing is; I am searching for  an "ID" in "contacts" to delete.
I have the following code->

 List lists;
 Element  next;

 lists = document.getRootElement().getChildren();
        for (int i = 0; i < lists.size(); i++) {
            next = (Element) lists.get(i);
            if (next.getAttribute("contacts").getValue().equals(ID)) {

This only works when the ID  in question is at [0]. I can view the contacts in a table too.
If the contact is in a second row or a different row than first row it does not work.

I even tried this;
 if (next.getAttribute("contacts").getValue().equals(ID)&&next.getAttribute("name").getValue().equals(name)) {

Thanks for any help.

Have a nice day!

                System.out.println("REMOVED  LAST " + domainName + "\n");


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Hi Brashiro.

I think (at least I hope) you are mistaken.

You should be able to remove an Element in a number of ways....

Assuming that you have a Element emt which is item 3 in the parent
ContentList, you should be able to do any one of:



On Mon, 09 Apr 2012 12:47:56 -0400, "Bashiro" <bashiro at myway.com> wrote:
> Hello Folks!
> First of all thanks to the jDom team for version 2.0!
> Congrats to us all...
> My question is; I am trying to remove an element in jDom. It only
> the element if
> the element is located at [0].  Is there a good code or a good book to
> help me with that ?
> Thanks
> Bashiro
> Drammen-Norway
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