[jdom-interest] JDOM2 Update.

Rolf jdom at tuis.net
Sun Sep 18 20:58:15 PDT 2011

Hi all.

The JUnit test coverage is coming to an end. Currently, for all of JDOM, 
the numbers are at 91% line coverage, and 92% code-path coverage.

There have been a number of issues that have come up, with the largest 
being XPath. There are/were a number of bugs in that code, and there are 
some bugs in the Jaxen code's JDOM plugin, which I cant easily fix.

The entire org.jdom2.xpath.XPath API is somewhat broken, and I expect it 
all to be revised. Further, I expect for JDOM2 that the jaxen 'plugin' 
will be moved from Jaxen to JDOM as well.

As a result of the XPath mess, and also because of a single issue w.r.t 
the processing of multiple Text-based contents in TRIM_FULL_WHITE mode 
(issue #31), there are some failing JUnit tests (2 fail, 5 error).

My current plan is to work on the XPath code. I have already started 
work on a replacement 'Navigator' implementation that will be the 
official one for JDOM2, but, I am looking for some input on the best way 
to solve the API issues. I will put together a separate e-mail for that.

When I am done with that I am going to work through the issues that have 
been raised so far, and figure out what should be back-ported to 1.1.2. 
Perhaps we can even get a 'snapshot' of 1.1.2 on to maven.

I think now would also be a good time to add headers and do a little 
tidying to the test code that's been added.

What this means is that I expect by this week's end, that there will be 
a well-covered, fixed, and clean set of code from which to start working 
on the generics and other treats.


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