[jdom-interest] Maven - Re: question: Publisher of groups 'jdom' and 'org.jdom'

Rolf Lear jdom at tuis.net
Thu Sep 15 07:32:34 PDT 2011

Another update:

The following is the 'issue' open (now resolved) at sonatype.


This issue has now been 'resolved' but not yet 'closed'. What this means
is that sonatype have created a set of 'repositories' in which we can 
deploy JDOM artifacts.

When we have got something to release, and when that something has been
staged, and 'released' in sonatype (and we are happy with the way it will
look), we can then comment on the above 'issue' to that effect. At that
point sonatype will activate the synchronization link to maven-central, and
out changes will be 'pushed' there.

Bottom line is that in my previous mail I listed 10 steps to get the maven
'right', well, steps 1 through 3 are now done....


In their words:

Configuration has been prepared, now you can:
* Deploy snapshot artifacts into repository
* Deploy release artifacts into the staging repository
* Promote staged artifacts into repository 'Releases'
* Download snapshot and release artifacts from group
* Download snapshot, release and staged artifacts from staging group

On Thu, 15 Sep 2011 06:16:03 -0400, Rolf <jdom at tuis.net> wrote:
> The following is a response from Sonatype
> ===========================================
> Hi Rolf,
> The existing jdom artifacts were published to maven central via outdated
> Codehaus MAVENUPLOAD service [1][2].
> The MAVENUPLOAD service is already outdated and the last modified date
> of these files are either in 2007 or 2008, so I believe there is no one
> actively deploying any more jdom artifacts. Since we know you are one of
> the jdom maintainers, as long as you start to use OSSRH service [3], we
> can make sure no one else can deploy jdom to central.
> Regarding cleaning up existing jdom artifacts, sorry we can not do that.
> It's because they might be used a lot by maven users all around the
> world. If we delete/change any of these files, people's builds will
> break. We can fix/rebuild maven-metadata though, so the latest version
> will be a correct and official one published by you. We can also put a
> relocation POM under groupId jdom, so people's downloads can be
> relocated to org.jdom.
> [1] http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/MAVENUPLOAD-1968
> [2] http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/MAVENUPLOAD-78
> [3]
> Thanks,
> Juven
> On Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 10:21 PM, Private feedback from Rolf
> Lear wrote:
>> Rolf Lear (jdom at tuis.net) gave private feedback from
>> http://search.maven.org/ .
>> Publisher of groups 'jdom' and 'org.jdom'
>> Hi
>> I am (one of) the maintainers for the JDOM Project.
>> We are in the process of ensuring that our builds will be published on
>> maven-central. The demand is so 'strong' that it appears that over
>> time someone (or more than one) has already established the
>> 'co-ordinates' for the JDOM artifacts in maven central.
>> By my rekoning there are two locations which appear to be significant:
>> http://search.maven.org/#browse%7C718...
>> <http://search.maven.org/#browse%7C718051244>
>> http://search.maven.org/#browse%7C100...
>> <http://search.maven.org/#browse%7C100982423>
>> How can I go about contacting the person/people who published those
>> artifacts?
>> Is there a procedure for cleaning up these two locations in to (I
>> presume) just the org.jdom GroupID?
>> We are preparing a 1.1.2 release in the next month or so, and it would
>> be great if we can get it available 'correctly' and 'officially' in
>> maven-central.
>> Thanks
>> Rolf
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