[jdom-interest] XPath and Jaxen

Rolf jdom at tuis.net
Sun Sep 11 17:43:43 PDT 2011

Well, that's embarrassing. a major road-block for writing jUnit test 
coverage has come up, and I guess I should have anticipated it...

So, I have essentially done jUnit coverage of all the 'core' JDOM 
functionality (org.jdom2.* org.jdom2.input.* org.jdom2.output.*), 
leaving essentially just the transform and xpath code to go.

SO I started the XPath code, and I can't even create an XPath instance, 
because the Jaxen library has internal references to org.jdom.* classes, 
not org.jdom2.*

This is an interesting chicken/egg process, how does Jaxen build without 
JDOM, and yet, how does JDOM build without Jaxen...?

Still, the basic problem is that I need to create a new jdom2-based 
'plugin' for Jaxen, but that plugin is a part of Jaxen, not JDOM.

For the moment I am going to re-implement the plugin on the JDOM side, 
but the implications are significant, and need discussions.

What is the right way to do this migration...?


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