[jdom-interest] Features 'in the pipeline'.

Rolf jdom at tuis.net
Wed Dec 14 09:58:40 PST 2011

Hi all.

The following features are what I expect to be working on before an 
Alpha release can be made for JDOM2.

The goal for the ALPHA release will be to have all API-changing 
functionality for JDOM2 in place. Some features may be added after the 
Alpha release if they simply extend rather than modify the API.

The Beta release will follow the Alpha release, and the intention for 
the beta release will be bug-fixes only... no API changes at all.

The following functionality is 'targeted' for before the Alpha release:

1. adding Format concept to all Outputters (issue 54 - 
https://github.com/hunterhacker/jdom/issues/54 )

The following is targeted for before the Beta release:
1. maybe in-memory-validation (issue 11 - 
https://github.com/hunterhacker/jdom/issues/11 )
2. maybe HTMLOutputer (issue 10 - 
https://github.com/hunterhacker/jdom/issues/10 )
3. maybe EntityResolver cache (issue 26 - 
https://github.com/hunterhacker/jdom/issues/26 )

These lists are pretty short.... but I know there are other 
issues/features that people want in JDOM2.

Please speak up soon so that we can get your 'wish list' included in JDOM2.



P.S. Is there anything we can do to make it easier to 'play' with 
JDOM2... ?

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